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Felix Henkelhausen was born 1995 in Oldenburg (GE) and started with  classical Piano and Cello lessons a an early age. Later he became interested in the DoubleBass and started his Pre-Studies at the HfK Bremn with Prof. Detlev Beier at the age of 16.


Since 2014, Felix is studying at the Jazz-Institut Berlin with Prof. Greg Cohen and Marc Muellbauer. Other mentors have been, Robert Landfermann, Jim Black and Drew Gress.

He performed in Germany, France, Island, Belgium, Poland, Ukraine, China, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Lithuania and the UK.

Despite his young age, Felix has played with national and international renowned musicians such as: Nate Wooley,Toby Delius, Eric Mcpherson, Marc Copland, Jochen Rueckert, Lotte Anker, Andrea Parkins, Achim Kaufmann,

Philipp Gropper´s Philm, Oli Steidle, Jim Black, Pablo Held, Gebhard Ullmann, Wanja Slavin, Peter Schlamb and many others. 

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